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If Humans Evolve then….

June 30, 2010

I was just in a debate about continuing to post information on Iran. I support the people in Iran and the Sea of Green movement – Human Rights & a Government of their choosing!

I was told, “If we don’t save the world, there won’t be an Iran! If there is a paradigm shift in consciousness….the problem will be solved.”

OK – I’m rolling with that. It’s great to be surrounded with love and hope.

My days go something like this:

Sleep when I need to.

Eat healthy.




Work diligently.

Support others.

Be positive.

Find solutions.

Refrain from diminishing conversations.

Keep my voice low.

Get excited about possibility.

Be happy.

Do the daily chores around the house.

Find a way to make a difference in someones life daily.

All that …. and make sure to do my part to save the world.

OK – I can do that!

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