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Inspired by YOU … Planting Seeds For Peace Interview

June 29, 2010

Goodwill towards mankind …. I’m really enjoying meeting all of these people with this new project The One Event.

John Francis was recently approached by radio host Marcia Johnson about her radio program: Planting Seeds For Peace. John was very impressed with Marcia’s commitment to supporting mankind to create peace in the world. John believes that Marcia’s work is heart centered with a cooperative approach and is genuine in her work. Therefore, John agreed to do the radio interview on the day of the first Soul Party!

Join your host Marcia Johnson and very special guest John Francis from The One … on 7 /7/2010 we will celebrate this amazing shift in global awakening and collective paradigm shift. Humanity is quickly running out of time to awaken itself from the apparent self destructive path. The 2012 Event may be one last chance to collectively change the course of human history. If humanity doesn’t wake up then Mother Nature may inevitably wake up the whole world by increasing the frequency and intensity of catastrophes worldwide. The tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is just another sign. The choice seems clear either humanity makes a transformational shift or the growing tribulations of catastrophic events will continue to escalate. There are many indigenous prophecies that speak about the ending times when many cataclysmic events happen and then a new enlightened world begins. The Bible speaks about it. Even the global media is pushing the scenario for massive earth changes onto the masses. The One Event organizers have a much more positive vision to share with humans to help Wake Up the World.

For more information you can find Marcia Johnson on her blog: The Eaupening or on Twitter @Marciajk .

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