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From the eyes of John Francis

June 24, 2010

I asked John to give me a re-cap of his experience being interviewed by 60 Minutes. I was so impressed with the email, I have decided to share the message with you in its entirety!

The 60 Minute TV Interview with John Francis

My telephone conversations with the 60 minute reporter prior to the interview were all very friendly and we shared many common feelings about the human condition. We discussed over several telephone conversations how the world needed to change and all the factors that influenced the unhealthy social structures. We both seemed to be very much on the same page. I felt this reporter person might really allow something more expansive and healthy to take place besides the mainstream media agenda.

Prior to the taping the 60 minute crew were almost warm and fuzzy.  Most of the questions that I was asked right up until the interview began where directed toward what needs to happen to make the world a better place. It caused me to feel that perhaps the interviewer might possibly want to direct the 2012 subject toward the positive possibilities of The One Event discussion. I must say it felt very optimistic.

When the producer said we are rolling, the reporter’s energy suddenly shifted into business mode. The first questions were directive…”what do we have to fear about the coming disasters in 2012 and how do we survive the catastrophic events that are possibly in the future”. I was taken back as I sat motionless because I needed a second or two to compose myself. From that point forward 90% of the reporter’s questions were specific to catastrophes, cataclysmic events and massive destruction. I felt discomfort at times because the reporter was directing the whole conversation and the taping content.

Slowly I began to move the conversation toward the positive potential of 2012. The reporter did not even take notice of my input and continued to direct the conversation around how do we prepare for doomsday. I felt saddened that our television media only wants to sell fear to its listeners. And after all, the reporter was just doing their job. From this experience I am even more committed to getting the word out to the world about the fabulous potential that The One Event is co-creating for 2012. I truly realize now how important that we all become proactive to shift the planetary paradigm toward a collective positive energy. The future is in our hands. We are the ones who must decide our future.

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  1. June 25, 2010 12:47 pm

    thans for great sharing

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