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My Ride Along With A Dog Walker

June 21, 2010

I spent the day riding along with a city dog walker. I had such a great time, but unfortunately by the time we got to the beach my camera battery had died. I still thought you may enjoy the behind the scenes of what a normal day is like for a dog walker. I think this particular person, would make a great subject of a television series. If anyone is interested, get in touch with me….she would be willing to do it and is very informative. She taught me a lot! She also volunteers her time to walk rescue dogs for people who save them. All around great person, love of people and animals!

In the next video at the end she suggests that where we live we can have a dog, but we already have a cat that adopted us, a raccoon who wants to eat the cat food, two small children part-time and when we are ready to travel …. it’s best not to have a dog to think about too. I have two dogs that the ex won in the divorce, I miss them dearly and think of them often. The only thing that gives me comfort is that I know they are well taken care of. As far as when we leave on trips, the neighbors feed the cat for us, since the cat came with the area and is taken care of my the community. There are about 4 other cats that we feed too, but Shadow is the nicest, and sleeps inside with us. Last night I was really happy about that, when I heard her chase out a mouse! The mouse screaming actually woke me up. There is no dead mouse, so I think it got away and hopefully won’t come back. Oh man that reminds me! The other day Shadow was outside the door, and I shut it cause she seemed like she was on duty. Then all of a sudden I started screaming because I see this huge mouse go by. I yell at my boyfriend and he said, “That’s no mouse!” and I said, “Oh, no it is big! Is it a rat!” He said, “No, it’s hopping!”

I stop.


“Yeah, it’s hopping, it’s a baby bunny rabbit!”

So we captured it, fed it, saw Shadow must have chased it in because it was slightly wounded, let it stay the night with us instead of shadow and let it go the next morning.

OK, back to the movie …..

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