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Iran Bars IAEA Inspectors, Heightening Nuclear Standoff — Gates Rules Out Idea of ‘Containing’ Nuclear-Armed Iran

June 21, 2010

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Top Stories

WSJ: “Iran said Monday that it had barred two inspectors from the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog from entering the country, accusing them of providing false information to the agency and disclosing findings before allowing Iranian officials to review them.  The move heightens tensions between Iran and the international community over the country’s nuclear program.”

AP: “Defense Secretary Robert Gates says there’s still time to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.  He gives new U.N. penalties a ‘reasonable chance’ of persuading Iran’s clerical leadership to end what the U.S. claims is its drive to build a bomb. Iran denies it is seeking a weapon.”

NYT: “Iran hanged a Sunni rebel leader, Abdul-Malik Rigi, on Sunday morning after a revolutionary court found him guilty of 79 criminal charges, the ISNA news agency reported.”

Iran Disclosure Project

Nuclear Program

AP: “The U.S. warned Pakistan that a recently signed gas pipeline deal with Iran could run afoul of new sanctions being finalized in Congress, the U.S. special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan said Sunday.”

Reuters: “Brazil’s foreign minister Celso Amorim said on Monday he still hoped a plan for Iran to part with some of its nuclear material could serve as the basis for further talks with Tehran about its atomic program, despite new sanctions.  Western powers have voiced deep misgivings about a plan brokered by Brazil and Turkey for Iran to send abroad 1,200 kg of its low-enriched uranium in return for reactor fuel, and supported a fourth round of sanctions against Tehran this month.”

AFP: “The United Arab Emirates has closed down 40 international and local firms as part of a crackdown on companies that violate UN sanctions on Iran, a newspaper reported on Monday.  These companies have been dealing in ‘dual-use and dangerous materials banned under UN resolutions and the nuclear non-proliferation treaty,’ the Gulf News reported quoting an unnamed UAE official.”

Human Rights

LAT: “Hard-line Iranian clerics determined to reverse the trend of what they regard as ‘badly veiled women’ took aim Friday at an unlikely target: conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

CBS News: “The documentary ‘For Neda’ premiered on HBO2 TV on Sunday, but days earlier — in fact, as of the middle of last week – it was freely available on YouTube.  It’s an unusual way to release a new movie, but this is an unusual movie.  It is at once the story of a murder and a victory for truth in a landscape of lies. As the documentary’s British director explained, ‘The Iranian security forces may be monitoring the Internet, and slowing online speeds to a crawl — but they can’t stop DVD’s going viral.'”

Foreign Affairs

AFP: “The departure of two Iranian aid ships for Gaza has been delayed due to lack of coordination and a change of cargo, a Red Crescent official said on Monday without specifying when the flotilla would leave. ISNA news agency quoted Mohammad Javad Jafarian, head of the youth wing of Iranian Red Crescent, as saying that the sailing had been delayed and ‘no definite’ date had been set for the departure of the ships to Gaza.”


Emanuele Ottolenghi in WSJ: “Last week, only days after a U.N. Security Council Resolution introduced new sanctions against Iran, Europe’s leaders approved guidelines to expand their scope. Given that Europe is Iran’s main trading partner, a bold move now could have devastating implications for Ahmadinejad, Khamenei & Co. But will Europe go far enough? Scepticism seems in order.”

Tony Karon in The National: “That could be empty posturing, but the Iranians play a skilled leverage game in nuclear negotiations with the West. New sanctions designed to press Iran to return to the table are also a bargaining chip, because the western powers will demand a price for lifting them. If recent history is a guide, Iran will respond by seeking additional bargaining chips of its own, through the conditions it sets for new talks – or through actions that create pressure on the West.”

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  1. June 22, 2010 7:51 am

    long live america!!!

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