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A TV Guide for the Internet – Slebisodes Web Series Guide!

June 20, 2010

The time has come – TV Guide and all subscription newspapers to your doors have been failing fast, holding on to the last of the days of people who want paper in their hands, and pages to flip. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. My friend who helped me to the airport from LAX to JFK told me I needed a Kindle when he lifted my 76 lb carry-on of books. Then I had to go through extra bomb detection, right after I found out that carry-on luggage had a 40 lb weight limit. No one had the heart to tell me I couldn’t travel with my books – so on to the plane I strolled….slowly. Then I needed help from a nice guy to lift it and shove it in the stow away a few rows behind my seat, where it had the best chance of fitting. Yep, I love books….I loved TV guide …. but times are changing …. and now I love Slebisodes.

There is a whole new world out there of new webseries available to watch! How do you know what is new, trending, available, quality programming, and cool if you are busy on Facebook. I know that I have reduced my television down to what I have allowed my DVR to program, then the show gets stale, the commercials are still annoying to fast-forward through, and I want to know what is happening with the creative minds who have a chance to compete against the big dogs! What is it that they can do! That’s what I want to watch! A train wreck, the next Sopranos, the cheesy acting, the great writing, who knows….someone does….someone is on top of it….and I am endorsing the website Slebisodes. I didn’t know about Slebisodes until the actresses Dallas Dinnocente from You’re Living Dead was contacted and requested information about the new webseries. Once I had reviewed the site, I agreed that we had no problems being affiliated with this site, it was quality and was constantly in a mode of improvement. You have to always update your look and content to be relevant….our new generation has a short attention span. That is why most webseries are shorter and without commercial interruptions. I had no problem paying the NY Times, TV Guide, LA Times, Washington Post to be delivered to my front door, so I am not at all offended at the reasonable rate of $1.99 a month or save 17% and pay $19.95 a year. Way less expensive than the brick and mortar businesses I use to support.

Slebisodes Pick of the Week

We compiled a list of the most viewed web series on Slebisodes Web Series Guide.

June 18, 2010
Friday, June 18, 2010 at 12:21 PM

Top Web Series of the Week Ending 6/18

OK Good Stuff is the web television show all about web television!  Each week, Patrick Lothian and Rob Silver chat about the latest news in the world of web television and highlight web series worth exploring.

2) Hollywood Wasteland

Jeff Collins has a lot of reasons to be stressed. He’s stuck in a dead-end office job in Burbank when all he wants to do is draw comic books, and he’s always stuck dealing with the problems of his housemates – the wannabe business mogul Chad, the hapless actress Chlora, and the neurotic princess Veronica. Then there’s the basement-dwelling conspiracy theorist Walter, who’s always loudly proclaiming that the end of the world is near.

But when a nuclear attack strikes Los Angeles and the Apocalypse actually arrives, Jeff’s in for a lot more stress than he ever imagined. Both the omnipresent mega-corporation Illuminati International and the mysterious visitor Synthia take a strange interest in Jeff – unbeknownst to him and the other oblivious Angelinos he lives with.

3) Dead Wait

Adam Aldrid saw the end of the world coming – He tried to warn you, he tried to help you prepare. There was only one problem, he got it all wrong. Dead Wait: An ongoing tale of what it means to be alive in a world overrun by the undead.

4) You’re Living Dead

A series of webisodes that takes us through a chain of events that creates havoc among the living.

5) Squatters

Set in present day Manhattan, this scripted, single-camera comedy follows the absurd lives of two 20-somethings who, becoming fed up with the hiked-up cost of living, have vowed to squat – to live without the cost, comfort and convenience of an apartment – for a whole year. Meet Alex Selkirk and Hank Pitman.

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  1. June 20, 2010 8:16 pm

    Slebisodes is a great place to see all the web series in one place. I wish I knew about Slebisodes when I was creating Party Girl Plus One.

    And Patrick is a really great person as well. Happy web series searching.



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