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Red Elk Agrees

June 18, 2010

John Francis called to check in with me today from New Zealand. He didn’t realize that we were moving his e-mail and re-designing his website. He said, “I passed the torch to you and you ran over the hill! I don’t even know where you went! You work so fast!” I said, “Well that’s what you get when you hire TKWeb.

I mentioned that he should join forces with Red Elk, but that his approval was not guaranteed. Red Elk agreed to speak with him and pray about it last night. John called him then called me to tell me he listened, gave Red Elk a birthday chant, and that the father was in charge. Fair enough, both men can meet on that common ground.

Next I receive this e-mail. I’m currently in the middle of designing how the new website will look. The designer just walked in the door. Red Elk sent me this:

Yes.  We agreed on an Alliance to work As ONE to the CAUSE OF BROTHERLY LOVE AND PEACE.  Tell “my” people that and LINK UP.  Aho?   re

Enough said.

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