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1000 SOULS GATHERING online on 7-7 2010 … Time to be announced

June 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
7:00am – 7:30am
A Global ONLINE Collective Experience


The Ultimate Power of 10 X 10…We are a collective community of 20 souls networking on Facebook and online to let 100 others know that we are inviting 1000 Souls to gather together on 7–7 2010 for a collective experience online. The 7-7 2010 Event is the first of four online events that culminates on 10 10 2010 with One Million Souls collectively launching to the world.

Our intention is to harness, focus and direct the collective energy to attract 1000 Souls to participate on 7-7. Next the One Thousand souls will attract ten thousand souls by 8-8 2010. And then those Ten Thousand will attract 100 Thousand and eventually One Million souls by 10 10 2010.

Imagine the awesome power of one million souls committing to collectively gather One Billion Souls online by 11 11 11. Then One Billion Souls commit to actively networking and participating in the Wake Up the World event on 12 12 12. And finally The One Event on 12 21 12 is a global telecast to billions of people with the whole world collectively connecting in the present moment to experience a global energy field of love. Together we can co-create a paradigm shift on Planet Earth by using the 2012 Shift Event as the catalyst for a collective change. See websites and

You can be part of the 60 minute taping with john francis on Wednesday June 23rd. We will be filming The One Event documentary to send these projects out to the online world. Let’s make history by making history happen. Go to the following Facebook page address below. The 60 Minute Taping on Wednesday 23rd:

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