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Never a bad word to say about anyone …..

June 11, 2010

Sometimes in life, the hustle and bustle, the work unit, the groups we hang out in, we get stuck in a rut. We get bored and we gossip. I am sorry for being a part of that world, but I am transforming the one I am in to omit such language.  I have found it amazing how surrounding yourself with only people who lift you up every single day, can change your whole perspective on life. My father said it to me best when he saw me at Thanksgiving, “There are blue skies ahead …. and you will see things differently.” That was after he explained the physics of making a nuclear weapon, but hey….that’s my dad, those are our father daughter talks and if you have followed this blog, you are not surprised to read this.

Not only does my boyfriend not partake in negative conversations (or should I say idle) wasting time talking about others, he encourages those around him when speaking with us to do the same. He protects me from every breath out of ours and their mouths. Why give such low level thoughts power when we could be consciously creating possibilities with every breath we take. It’s a thought.

I told him before I came, that all I was looking for was peace. I had to have peace in my life, and he said, “And you deserve it, Heather.” It took me weeks to notice but there was a license plate on the front of the house and above the door leaving the home that read “Peace”. I then looked again at the many flags across the front entrance of our home and it was the word “peace” spelled in 10 different languages. Talk about actually manifesting “Peace”! I couldn’t believe it.

On our road trip I met someone who lived in the most beautiful home outside of San Diego with his beautiful wife that I found to be so pleasant. Regardless of the complete show of financial success they had relationship success, not only with each other but with all those around them. When we call him he answers, “And a glorious good day to you!” I asked if I could borrow that and he enthusiastically said, “Of course!” The one thing that impressed me the most is before we departed he requested one thing of me, and that was to take good care of his friend. I said, “Of course, we take good care of each other.”

A great example of how this fosters peace in my life is we spend day and night living, working, sharing family responsibilities, vacation, travel, and being tired together. We are always making each other stronger, never using an opportunity to be-little one another, and finding peaceful solutions in all matters.

We realized how well we were doing, when we traveled 4348 miles together in 12 days, enjoying every moment of it.

This is a picture of us waiting for 3 hours to cross the Mexico/US border with no air-conditioning. When we arrived, I was sent to secondary because I shouldn’t be that happy after such conditions in hot weather.

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