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4348 miles of vacation

June 11, 2010

I worked on the road for years, and preferred to drive to any location I could, rather than fly. I always thought of it as my opportunity to get paid to see the beautiful United States of America. So when my boyfriend told me he was taking me to San Felipe for Memorial Day weekend, I of course said … “Let’s Drive!”

We were able to visit friends and relatives in every state – we first stopped at my brothers in Washington and visited for a few hours. Since his kids were already in bed we decided to continue on that night arriving in Mount Shasta Lake where we Geocached items from Your Living Dead and relax by the water.

I still need to get the coordinates up…but if you are interested you can leave a comment and I’ll give you a head start. We also have tee shirts to give away to those who find the caches and notes inside. You will know what to do if you are the one that is successful!

I’ll continue my vacation story some other time, lots to do to get ready for the party, and I still have to run my mile – and I have only been able to run half of it so far – I’m still trying to get my breathing coordinated with my endurance. Well….off to the races.


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