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We’re Going To San Felipe Baby!

June 7, 2010

I wrote to Info San Felipe


There is about 20 of us who want to go to San Felipe for Memorial Day weekend. The number will increase if I can assure some people of a few things.

1. Some people are worried about the drug lords and the issues on the border.

2. Some people are telling us that the roads are destroyed in from the earth quake.

Could you enlighten me on any of these issues. I really don’t want to cancel the trip.




Hi Heather;

The drug lords are not a problem here. This area is safe and the battles that have been in the press (mostly around Juarez and Tijuana) are not here. Mexicali to San Felipe is completely safe.

The roads are OK. There is a stretch of around 5 miles around km 40 south of Mexicali that was damaged. Its repair is being combined with the conversion to 4 lanes. I just did it today and it is slow but fine. There is another section of 5 miles around the junction with the Ensenada road that is also being 4-laned. That diversion is in good condition. All the roadworks add maybe half an hour to the journey.

If you were driving here from Calexico, you would be hard-pressed to identify earthquake damage anywhere. The big economic losses were with the fields in the delta where the ground shifted in level and there was flooding that has destroyed a lot of the crops. There is no damage in San Felipe.

Don’t cancel your trip. I just advise that you drive during daylight hours so you can see the road conditions. There are lots of trucks on the roads and if any stuff drops off one of them you could run into it.



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