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Our Naguals are hanging out at night

June 7, 2010

Remember when I arrived to my new home I fell 17 feet? Well, after my wrist healed I realized my knee was hurt worse. I didn’t break anything but I had some problems and this is an e mail I thought I would share.

Hey Red Elk,

Monday night/Tuesday morning my boyfriend said I was having some serious dreaming going on and he tried to move me over but my knee was really bothering me in pain…..and he said I started screaming out … Red Elk …. Red Elk!
Since then …. it seems to be healing finally.
Any thoughts?
He also said if I’m screaming out any man’s name … it’s OK it is yours!

Red Elk Response:
Your call-out got my Nagual to your aid.  Aho?



After Red Elk gets some sleep he will expand on this subject. I had an interesting phone conversation with him today about it and asked him to write it out. Too weird for me to explain.

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