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House of Death

May 24, 2010

I’ve heard it said, “That life is long.”
But I’ll tell you now, “You’re dead wrong.”
Life is a game, though the odds are stacked.
You’ll lose the shirt right off your back.
Can’t beat the house, “The House of Death”.
To make your hand, you’ll have to draw your last breath.
You’ll muck your cards on the table,
a heresy in the House of Seven Gables.
So I will wait, no need to run,
I will wait for my time to come
Take your religion
Hell, you can take them all
Just a matter of time,
before they fall
Pray to the moon,
pray to the sun,
just waiting with you for their time to come
You can go out with a fat stack,
or with debt breaking your back
It makes no difference cause when you’re done,
it’s still your time, your time to come
Might as well wager all that you own,
cause your seed is already sewn
Invite some danger, lose what you’ve won
while you’re waiting for your time to come
And if you’re lucky you’ll break even,
die in your sleep on a quiet evening
but I’d leave one bullet in your gun,
in case you know when it’s your time to come
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