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Jailed Hikers Reunite with Moms in Iran!

May 20, 2010

ABC News Coverage

Iran: Moms’ Emotional Reunion With Detained American Hikers

3 Americans Jailed in Iran Reunite With Their Moms

10 steps to Free The Hikers in Iran!

Get Involved – 10 Things You Can Do To Help

#1. Go To Free The Hikers

#2. Sign The Petition and be sure to Validate the signature by responding to a link sent to your e-mail address.

#3. Donate 1$ for each hiker: Free The Hikers Donations

4. Buy a Free The Hikers! Hoodie or buy a Free The Hikers Long Sleeve T-Shirt

5. Add the YouTube videos to your Favorites and Playlists, send links and share with others.

6. Become a Facebook Fan and post on wall – share with friends.

7. Twitter: Free The Hikers Twitter
Sign the Petition to Free The Hikers!!! #ssj

8. Host a Hope Vigil and share with the family. Write letters to your local representatives, send the family hand written letters of support, pray, light candles, however you choose to show support.

9. If possible, go to Dance Party Benefit or host a local one and submit funds raised to the family to assist their efforts!

10. Discuss the situation with your local church, group, friends, and brainstorm on other ways to raise awareness: write to the local news, send President Obama letters, write your Congressman or Senate, write your governor…..I’m sure you came up with 10 better ideas than I did……so go do it!

News Articles

3 American Hikers Held Hostage in Iran

Video Of Hikers In Iran

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