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Oh look – there’s a giraffe eating that tree!

May 18, 2010

“Oh look – there’s a giraffe eating that tree!”

I don’t even look up from my laptop to look out the window and say, “Uh huh.”

Thinking to myself, wow his imagination has really got the best of him. I wonder what he’s doing, looking at cloud formations and telling me what he sees. He realizes my disinterest and says, “Maybe we need to make sure we are looking in the same place.”


I play along.

Yes, I see the first tree, and yes, there is a smaller tree (it’s a bush) looking thing next to it.

!There…see there is a giraffe eating off of that tree!


OK, you point the telescope at what it is you say you are looking at.”

So he dials in the telescope and I look in ….

What! I can’t believe you were telling the truth! I mean, I see why you took artistic liberty to say it was a giraffe eating a tree outside. I couldn’t even see that from here! You just blew me away …. AGAIN!

Ladies and gentlemen …. this is what I saw through the telescope eating a bush. I had to borrow this picture. My camera doesn’t shoot this far away!

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