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Geocaching You’re Living Dead Memorabilia has begun!

May 15, 2010

You’re Living Dead Productions has implemented the hunt for the fans to begin Geocaching memorabilia from the Webisode “Bombs Away!”

The information will not be logged anywhere but here for phase I.

The Geocaching begins in the Northwest under search of zip code 98546 within 10 miles, and will be moving south to Mexico during the next couple weeks. Check in for updates and coordinates. If you happen to be the person who finds the geocache, we encourage you to write a comment here. We would love to keep in communication with webseries biggest fans.

There are 4 newly place Geocaches, inside is the autographed picture of Lisa Snyder from “Bombs Away”.

You will see more of Lisa in other webisodes upon release. 3 of the geocaches have personal notes with private information – which will be interesting to get your feedback on – should you be the one to find those particular cans. 3 of the geocaches are in recycled Folger’s plastic coffee cans with blue spray paint around it. One is in only a plastic bag and I think concealed very well.

If you choose to be the person to geocache for one of these items, let us know and you can either leave a note yourself for the next person sharing some of the information you have about what you found, or we will re-fill the geocache for the next person who would like an autographed photo of one of the actors featured in these webisodes.

Geocache #1

It looks like this area is about to be logged. The trees had been tagged and marked.

A Landmark

There is a big stump and if you go 23 paces to the right, you’ll find a geocache by a Silver Fir.

These coordinates have to be converted:

47    19     830 N

122   55     849 W

The coordinates to the stump are:

47° 19′ 49″  N

122° 55′ 50″  W
Geocaching #2
This spot was chosen because you can go across the street to a boat ramp and go swimming in the cleanest water around. No motorized boats are allowed on this lake so bring your swimming trunks. If you happen to be doing Geocache #1 – you will be driving by this opportunity.

47° 20′ 12″  N

122° 55′ 11″  W
Geocache #3:
This one is interesting because it exposes a larger community of homes giving perspective to a very small town you will be driving through.

47° 22′ 4″  N

122° 55′ 51″  W
Geocaching #4
This is my favorite one, and if you get it you will know why!

Heres your view upon approach!

47° 22′ 18″  N

122° 50′ 37″  W
If you Geocache – come back here to the comment section!

The first 4 people who find one of the items, tell us what they put in the “note”, and blog about their experience will get a free T-Shirt from You’re Living Dead Productions.
These “types” of shirts are not for sale.
You can only win them!

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