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I woke up with a request to fill….

May 11, 2010

I saw my friend Ronnie last night in my dream. He asked me to check on Robyn. I worked with both of them in St. Louis and was so impressed moved them out to NYC to work with me there on a project. I had always planned on traveling on all my road assignments with them. As we know, life doesn’t go as planned. Not only do I not do that work anymore, Ronnie passed away before he made it to his 51 st birthday.

I called Robyn….I was pretty shaken up after our conversation, we spent the time crying over what happened. As I walked into my appointment I was dazed and mentioned off hand that I dreamed of a friend who passed away who wanted me to call someone and I just got off the phone with her and it was real. She said, “Go in through the door.” and buzzed me in. I figured it was early and she was busy, and I was just rambling kind of confused in awe. As I walked in she met me on the other side and said, “It’s really great that you could be used as a conduit to do that for him.”

I said, “Thanks, You know I didn’t even think you were listening, and I was confused, wasn’t sure if I should go back outside and get back on the phone with her.” (There are no cell phones allowed in this office).

She said, “You did fine.”


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