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He Loves Me …. He loves me not

May 10, 2010

When I arrived to town I was told about this magic jacket that every time he looks inside of it there is $20.00, and that it has happened over and over again before I had arrived. Well, I just figured this is what happens when you are absent minded, you find 20.00, get excited, put it back in your pocket, forget to spend it … and find it again!

So every week I started putting $20.00 in the jacket right before a cool time to do that, when least expected. I actually even captured him on camera one day reaching in and laughing so hard….so I was sure he knew it was me.

Well, I had just put in another $20.00 – but I didn’t expect him to put on the jacket! Oh no – we were going out to play poker and this wasn’t what it was for – it was for a time when you are driving down a country road and decide to go shopping but didn’t bring your wallet – kind of time.

I walk over and say, “Hold on a minute…” grabbing the money but concealing it in my hand and taking it to the dresser where I hid it under my stuff. He says, “Baby, what is that?”  In which I replied, “Nothing.” He said, “I want to see it.” In which I protested, “No….please I don’t want you to, do you really have to see it?” By then I could see he was getting upset and it was important that he know what it is and I said, “Here, it was for your money jacket.” He said, “What! It’s been you putting the money in this whole time! But it happened 3 times before you got here. ” I said, “Yeah, but it was such a cute story I wanted to keep in going, and I thought you knew it was me because every time you found the $20 you would look at me and laugh.”  He said, “Wow, you got me on that one.”  I told him that to play a joke on him was not my intention, but the coolest thing about it was I saw how much he cared that there were no secrets between us and he found out I always believe in magic jackets and that wishes come true….but most important that my ulterior motive is always to do something good…….

He Loves Me!

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  1. May 12, 2010 11:17 pm

    I totally understand. I really love it when I put my hand in the pocket of any of my clothing and come out with money that I did not expect to find. I remember recently looking in my purse thinking I had a certain amount of money – well, it wasn’t nearly that amount. Then a month or so later I put on a pair of jeans (they had been washed) and found a WAD OF CASH. It was wonderful!

  2. May 12, 2010 11:53 pm

    Thanks for all your comments and interesting choices of articles to read. I like your business. I’ll get back to you.

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