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Texas Hold’em

May 5, 2010

Since I have arrived … one of my duties is to kick ass in poker. Last night …. I finally won in the tournament. That was sweet. I still have a lot to learn. I play  up to two times a week. It took me about 5 games to finally break out ahead of the pack to take the pot. I first had to take out my poker professor …. that was the only way to win. There was about 10 people at the table and an ol’ timer points to me and my poker instructor and said, “Look at these two….” meaning …. we had all the chips. I said, “To be honest with you fellas …. he told me I couldn’t be his girlfriend if I couldn’t play a decent game of poker.” The bar owner said, “I believe that.” then I said, “and you should”. The prof kept trying to take me out, and one of the other players said, “and you’re going out with this guy?” I looked across the table as I won my hand …. taking all his chips ….replying to the table ….”absolutely”.


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