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Important Update on Sarah, Shane & Josh

April 30, 2010

Dear Heather Dalberg,

Having no news has been pretty unbearable, but getting the news that Sarah and Shane are facing potentially serious health problems and that all three are under so much psychological and emotional pressure that they are considering undertaking a hunger strike in an effort to move their case forward has been extremely distressing news.

The Swiss Ambassador reported that Shane, Sarah and Josh said they have not been interrogated for six months, with the exception of a brief session in December, which seems to corroborate what we’ve assumed, Iran knows perfectly well that the Hikers are the extraordinary people we know them to be and is holding on to them just to make some political point. Needless to say this is as unjust as it is inhumane and must end. We have been saying from the beginning that the Hikers’ case is a humanitarian issue not a political one, however Iran has refused to see it that way.


Meeting with Hillary Clinton
We met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the second time on April 28. We pleaded with her to do absolutely everything in her power to break the impasse that is keeping our families separated. We were emphatic and think we made an impression but we urge you to reinforce our call for a proactive and creative stance toward finding a resolution to our loved ones’ unjust detention. Please write to her:

The Honorable Hillary Clinton
Secretary, Department of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

For our part, we continue to lobby relentlessly, publicly and privately, for Shane, Sarah and Josh’s release. It is an effort that is totally separate from the US government’s efforts. A key part of this effort will be a possible trip to Tehran by the Hikers’ mothers, as soon as the visas are approved. Your financial support is always deeply appreciated, an updated Donations page is now on our website.

As for other things you can do other than write to Secretary Clinton and make a donation, please consider:

  • Writing an article or blog post about your experiences with Shane, Sarah and Josh. A great example of this is Scott Campbell’s piece, “Why You Should Care About the Three Americans Held in Iran”. Scott is having the piece translated into Persian and sent to Iran’s Mission to the United Nations asking that it be forwarded to the relevant authorities to Tehran. We will also provide copies of this to the Hikers’ lawyer, Massoud Shafii. Please feel free to follow Scott’s lead.
  •  Having an organization that represents you or that you are a member of write a statement of support. We will soon be collating these in a new section of our website. Organizations such as Friends of the Earth and the Berkeley City Council have provided statements and resolutions, as have figures such as Desmond Tutu and Noam Chomsky, among many others.
  • Writing to the Hikers! During the consular visit it was very clear that the letters are their lifeline, it’s what keeps them imagining their future freedom and connected to the world beyond their prison walls.

            Send letters to:
             Free the Hikers, PO Box 15065, Duluth, MN 55815

  • Writing to President Ahmadinejad. A template for a letter and his address can be found here.
  •  Invite all of your friends to join our Facebook page. It is an excellent way to stay current about the situation and to raise awareness about Shane, Sarah and Josh’s plight.
Thank you so much for keeping Shane, Sarah and Josh in your thoughts and prayers. We hold out hope that ultimately the positive thoughts from thousands of people all around the world will make all the difference in winning Shane, Sarah and Josh’s freedom.

Gratefully yours,

The Bauer, Shourd and Fattal families.


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