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Another city … another Landmark

April 29, 2010

As you may have guessed …. I moved. I am in a different place now … but unbelievably there is a Landmark Education near enough to attend. Even though I haven’t been to the Forum in 2 years they honored my scholarship to attend the Landmark Forum in action seminar series. Tonight was my first …. and it will take 3 and a half months to work through this event. Every one who attends the Forum gets this course for free afterwards.

I didn’t know what to expect … all I know is I have amazing results continuing with the education and the people involved in the curriculum are the type of people that I aspire to emulate. Honest, hard working, smart, family oriented, conscious of others and successful because of the integrity they have from honoring their words….who doesn’t want that!

The course runs through the summer and overlaps with the final course I can’t wait to take! I was supposed to start it in NYC but made a unreasonable decision and suddenly packed my car and drove away. When I arrived, I found out Landmark had a course starting at the same time  … but it was cancelled until July!  This one is the Self Expression Leadership Program. I can’t wait for this one. Those of you who follow this blog know all the causes I have volunteered for … can you imagine what a project will be like after learning the tools from a course like SELP! I’ve seen others who have gone through this and end up on Oprah or with an Academy Award.  My possibility is to finally realize that dream of being a philanthropist. I have a few really big ideas …. the trick is to pick one that will encompass my ability to do every thing under that umbrella. I’m really excited, but in the meantime, I’ll keep working on the things that may be still standing in my way internally.

So of course, like always …. the point comes in the program where leaders must be established to groups, although this time there was criteria that I couldn’t commit to! Ugh….I felt it was a positive exercise in not having to be in charge but I was conscious that I was not liking that outcome. Then someone stands up and says she is going to be a leader but she can’t fulfill the same thing I couldn’t fulfill which caused me not to take a stand. That was my opportunity, and my hand shot up in the air….I have the same problem but want to be a leader too …. so we were made co-leaders. Phew. I’m the type that needs additional responsibility for my crew. In saying that, I have to build us a private platform now …. so I’ll keep you posted on another one of my journeys ….. it’s getting a little more difficult to blog about private matters – I guess cause I have come to a place in my life that I want to protect all that is good….because I recognize what it is that I have and don’t ever want to let that go. I’ve already succeeded …. now I want to take this unmessablewithness to the next level …..

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