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I am a living document …

April 23, 2010

I keep changing (but I like to think of it as a transformative process). I have television …. but I no longer turn it on. I’m working on projects that are relevant to my immediate surroundings. I sport my green wrist band so when I run into people I can explain what is happening in Iran and share the knowledge I know and transmit my love and support for freedom and human rights, but I am not political about it. If I happen to be somewhere that the news is on and I hear Iran in the news I am pulled in like a magnet for a second….and then I realize….it’s almost like watching a soap opera. I don’t have to watch the situation every day because the story line is the same … and takes a long time to change. I hope for the sake of the people in Iran that is not true, but so far it appears to be the case.

I seem to have found the one place in the world that is all organic – but get this …. the restaurants are amazing! I thought you had to be in NYC to get great food. I don’t know how this area does it. I feel like I live in the Twilight Zone. The restaurants open almost anytime they feel like it….I think it is random but it appears that taking days off from work is completely normal and not dependent on my whims to go for breakfast or lunch or dinner on any particular day or at any particular time. Once I finally sync up with my desire to eat and their desire to feed me…oh my god….the food is the best “whatever” I have ever had….EVER! I almost think I am in heaven….maybe I am and I still get to blog about it. Maybe this is the version of my life has flashed before my eyes….and I’m sharing the transition with you.

That’s my thought bubble for the moment….goodbye!

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