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Tree Trip & Time Travel

April 18, 2010

Red Elk took me on an amazing experience of spirit/mind while I was staying inside the Gnome Home. I am sure you would love to hear every detail, but now is not the time to explain. I can’t wait till his book is completed so you can read his short stories (the book is over 400 pages).  I unfortunately am the cause of the delay of his book being released …. but we are back at it and plan to launch it soon.

I came in to town for the weekend – with book in hand after being away on the road since the last time I flew in January 2009. Can you imagine what it is like to carry a Medicine Man’s book around with you until the project could resume. There is a sense of responsibility that is indescribable. One of the short stories in the book is on “Keeping Your Word”. Red Elk said some joke about that, and I said, “Hey, I’m here…..I kept my word….” He said, “Yeah….but you’re late….you must be on Indian Time!”

I take responsibility for that… let’s get this book out to you.

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