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The Gnome Home/Hobbit Hut Rocks!

April 17, 2010

I’m staying in a Hobbit Hut aka “Gnome Home” for the weekend. I think this experience will never be rivaled in optional hotel accomidations. There is no ammenities, but it sure is cool.

Here are some pictures from the outside, but what is even MORE amazing is what this place looks like on the inside! Getting internet service where I am is sketchy, so providing pictures will be slow to add to this post.

Many things inside and outside this Gnome Home/Hobbit Hut have changed. Updates will be provided later.

This is really amazing! I’ll provide more information on Red Elk who created this in the future….he has a book coming out soon, which is why I am being put up in this fabulous place to finally complete this project.

Life is amazing….one day I’m working in corporate America …. the next I’m here following the path of least resistence. I could live like this forever. In total, this Hobbit Hut costs Red Elk $350.00. I think I will support his idea of a “How To” book next to build your own optional housing. You wouldn’t believe how people are drawn to pull off the road and ask about it, especially when he put up a Dish TV outside of it as a joke. Here are some older pictures taken …. so many things have been upgraded and changed. Once I am able to post I will provide the latest improvements.

Here is a pretty interesting video someone made on Red Elk to give you a little flavor of what to expect in his upcoming book of Short Stories….

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