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Man Can I Take a Fall

March 18, 2010

I fell 21 feet (actually at the time I wrote this that was a guess, I later measured it and 17 feet is all). I barely was hurt. I felt the impact, saw lightening, knocked myself out, but didn’t cry. I got up and thought I didn’t care about anything else anymore…..I was lucky to be alive, not paralyzed, and able to withstand something so obviously painful as if it was nothing. I’m impressed.

St. Patrick’s Day – 1 year later – posted on Facebook

Today is another 1 year anniversary – I was cleaning the hot tub on the second floor and slipped out. I saw a flash of light, said to myself, “That was hard.” Got up, and realized nothing could stop me. Tenzing Kernan told me before he took the girls to school today, “Be alive when I get home!”


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