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March 8, 2010

This is the only show I exert energy watching…..

Wow! The 8th season of 24 and it never gets old. I think the last TV show I watched all the way through was 24 last season. I’ve seen a few episodes of the Unit and that is definitely a new favorite to add to the DVR. I now am ready to catch up to 30 Rock and The Office. Always looking forward to The Apprentice. I use to apply to that show every year. Never did get picked though to find out if I could win it. I always have the news on in the background but that more is like a calming droning that just hums in the background while I write, peaking my interests occasionally when something breaking is happening. Usually I find the news quite trivial too. I mean, how many hours should the news cover one story for months on end? It’s crazy to me that the news is geared around more sensationalism, murder, sex and political posturing. It is difficult to get a decent amount of information from one source. That’s why I prefer Twitter.

I like Renee Walker on this season of 24 much better. I also love the fact its filmed in NYC! I have just been sitting in bed all weekend sleeping, drinking water, and watching 24. It’s been quiet….I haven’t had my life so quiet in so long, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. As soon as I feel better I have to start running …. a New York photographer wants to take pictures so I gotta step it up before I let him. Cool though, some motivation. I think watching 24 is more motivation though. It always makes me want to go to the gun range or the gym.

I found this on You Tube and just thought it was so cute. Look this blog isn’t for the faint of heart. As kids, this is the way we played when I grew up. I feel sorry for kids now a days that they get in trouble for pointing their fingers at other kids in school.

Boy suspended for pointing chicken finger like gun

 I don’t think I would have survived my childhood if there were so many restrictions that society has placed upon kids now.

This Kids For Real!

There was no reason for me to watch The Oscars, I never went to the movies since I was on assignment in Huntsville. I saw Tropic Thunder…that was so funny. I did have movie night with my brother many times in LA, but they were usually me just catching up on old movies like Batman, Body of Lies, or things like that.

I think it’s going to be a good week. I’m going to try to blow through a few more 24 episodes. Yeah!

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