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WSPA – World society for the Protection of Animals

March 7, 2010

I hope the Living Documents’ exposure of March 27th’s Earth Hour helps garner some additional participation in that.
Here’s something about animals that you might like to post on Living Documents…


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Brazil’s animals are in serious danger of losing their legal protection: Take action now to ensure animal cruelty remains a crime in Brazil
Dear Gregory,
Take ActionRight now, Brazil’s National Congress is considering a bill (Bill 4548/98) that would decriminalize cruelty to pets and farm animals. If the bill passes, Brazil will have no nationwide penalties for animal abuse. The potential for animal suffering to increase is horrifying.

When Brazil passed its national Environmental Law in 1998, establishing animal cruelty as a crime, it represented a historical legislative landmark, recognized beyond Brazilian borders. Under this law, abuse, mistreatment or mutilation of wild, domestic or domesticated animals is prohibited. The proposed bill seeks to remove the expression “domestic and domesticated” from the law, meaning cruelty to dogs, cats, horses and many other species would have no consequences. Animal lovers and advocates who report a dog being beaten or a horse being starved would see little or no action taken.

Politicians are campaigning hard for this bill. We need your help to defeat it.

Approval of Bill 4548/98 would signify a hugely disappointing step backwards in the history of animal protection in Brazil and would indicate a move to renege on their international commitment to value animal welfare.

You can help prevent this – write to the Brazilian government today!

More than 65,000 Brazilians have already contacted Brazil’s National Congress to protest this bill. We believe international pressure will add huge weight to their decision. So please take a moment to stand up for Brazil’s animal welfare laws.

Thank you for taking action, and for your compassion and concern for animals everywhere.


Cecily Signature
Cecily West
Executive Director

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