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Someone asked me what I thought of a news article.

March 5, 2010

Here is the article:

BBC admit al qaeda never existed – Video

Here is my response: watch out…I’m being totally frank here and it may shock you.

Look – I am very simple. It’s a bunch of pissed of Muslims that hate us. It doesn’t take the CIA to orchestrate that. In fact, I know we funded Osama Bin Laden in the Bush 41 erra….we do lots of stupid shit as a country because we want to over throw this or that and remain the super power. There are many hands at work, and the truth of the matter is …. 6% of the world’s people own most of the money, so there is no doubt that there are forces bigger than borders at stake here. The truth is, I have seen many many many UFO’s so there are things that are EVEN BIGGER THAN THEM …. and I know that all politics is a distraction. It doesn’t mean that I can’t do my part to make the world a little peaceful even if it is to teach myself how to be a peaceful and productive human being, (which is really what I’m learning – you have no idea how often I have to eat my words, swallow my pride, and realize that I AM THE PROBLEM IN SOCIETY – IT STARTS WITH ME….RIGHT HERE…RIGHT NOW) So what can I say about that article, it’s like all news….BULLSHIT.
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