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US citizen opens fire outside Pentagon station.

March 4, 2010

At 6:40 EST a man walked up to the pre-screening checkpoint station at the entrance to the Pentagon. Two armed guards asked for his ID. He was calm and reached into his pocket, authorities thought he was reaching for his badge, because this is where you have to show your identification, but instead he pulled out with a gun shooting two Pentagon police officers grazing them. They fired back and he was sho in the head. The suspects condition is quite serious. The suspect is 36 years old and identified as John Patrick Bedell. A second person is being questioned by authorities but may only be a witness.

This entrance to the Pentagon is just one of several layers of security. It is not known at this time if Bedell came up through the metro which lets you off right outside of the building, or drove up to the building, got out and walked up to the entrance or arrived on foot.

During the press meeting the officer was asked if the suspect was wearing military fatigues or body armor and the Pentagon would not discuss that at all. We do not know if this is a disgruntled employee yet.

2 Pentagon Police Officers Shot Outside D.C. Metro Station

Metro reports shooting outside Pentagon station

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