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Tonight Was Ronald Philip Sr. Memorial

March 4, 2010

I hadn’t been back to the office since October, 2009. I was there to say goodbye to my dear friend. I was so impressed with the commitment of my employers to honor his life and service to mankind.

They are making a DVD, and I will enjoy sharing this with you.

To see the effect of a pebble dropping in the water, and all the people who was positively forever transformed from his time here with us on earth, is: indescribable.

When Curtis turned the floor over to speak, the audience was shy, which is normal. People were emersed in their own disbelief and grief as a group. I stood up and said, “I’ll break the ice.”

I’m not sure what I said at the microphone. Lately I seem to be speaking to so many people at one time I only looked into the camera. The reason was, those who were in the room were present, but it was Ronald’s family I was speaking to. I knew this recording was going to go to his children and loved ones, and I wanted them to know about his time here in New York City.

I was so moved when I said something as a fact in my relationship of knowing him and in looking out into the group gathered and seeing them nodding in agreement with what I was saying. We all knew Ronnie, and we all loved him equally.

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