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A Greggo Shout Out To His Favorite Tweet

March 4, 2010

We are getting more contributing bloggers…..I love it! Wright Thinking has his own page on this blog which I must admit needs my attention. Look for more information to come…and I love hearing his ideas….they could work!

The first part is this, but go to his Tweet Shout Out after reading his letter, it’s cute!

Thanks, Heather.  I’ll try to think of the best things I can send and then, by and by, soon, will do so.
I’ve been up slogging since Tuesday morning, so the most important thing for me to do within the hour is go zonk out!

Tip:  Check out, an environmental/anti-carbon project of the World Wildlife Fund and others, scheduled for March 27th.  It would be rather cool, maybe even super-cool, for Tehran to participate in the Earth Hour event.

From: Greggo

Here’s a bit of fun with poesy, about Twitter . . . .   
  Woofers, Tweeters ‘n’ Twitters
    I, bot
    a byte
       but got but
                 a bit:
        wotta twit 
                         am I.
                    Or am I?  
  Sit Rite Down and Tweet Myself Atwitter
    Brother, can you spare a bit?
    Maybe two bits, for this twit.
    Make that ten twits, for a tweet:
       so sweet,
         I’m all atwitter!
    Meanwhile, ten tweets make a fleet:
       I’ve got a flutt–, er,
         (might it be?:) a letter!
              Or, at least, 
                an e-
                  mail be?
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