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I Feel Like Flying Away…

March 2, 2010

Heather and readers: I took this entry off of my blog.  It was written over a year ago.  I was actually looking for something else and stumbled upon it.  I thought it was totally Seinfeld and appropriate for your blog and this conflict situation in Iran too, even though it is somewhat abstract.  Perhaps a photo of the view I was looking at while writing it may be appropriate.

All I want to do EVER is breathe this air. I’m trying to take a breath deep enough to forget about pollution and the ugliness of mankind. How can such ugliness exist on a planet full of such beauty and purity? I hate being a virus – one of THEM. I just want to be a bird. Birds don’t fight over petty differences. They just exist with their mate peacefully, doing what needs to be done for the well-being of the family, and flying and singing the rest of the time. Can any existence be more wholesome?

Or if I was a dog, I think I could be satisfied gnawing that stump out of the ground. There are so many stumps to gnaw…and so many mice and snakes and shrews for a cat to catch and torture. Ok, so that’s not so wholesome, but I’m sure it’s much more fun than trying to communicate with other top-heavy creatures who don’t want to understand your feelings.

Humans must tame, conquer and win. We must have our music videos, electronic gadgets and our drug of choice. Who cares who it harms? We MUST drive our gas-guzzlers two blocks to the store. We created the wheel. Why should we walk? And we MUST deep fry greasy processed foods and wear Gucci while we share our second hand smoke with the infant in that stroller rolling by. We are reckless, and clueless to our effect on others.

Did you ever really notice how many colors exist in nature? I mean, do you really see? Are leaves green? Or can you see more? What color is water? Blue? Most of the time water looks whatever color it wants to be. It’s constantly changing both shape and color. Look at it. I see purple, green, red, pink, blue, brown, gray, yellow…Can you see that? It must be nice to be accepted no matter what color you are.

The clouds are changing too. What are the laws that govern the clouds? “Thou must float, until you decide to rain.” If only I was one of those clouds and could float away. I would be happy far, far away from this mess. It’s okay for clouds to be different too. Clouds can be soft, smooth, cottony, thick, thin…and some of them swirl together, reminding me of what heaven must be like, when we are all one, together, peacefully, finally. Then there are the dark clouds looming on the horizon. I feel like looming, creeping in and drenching the earth, washing away all this ugliness.

~Jennifer Shipley

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