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New Week In Iran زندانیان تحت فشار بازار جهانی عرضه شد به ستایش رهبر در مصاحبه رسانه ای

February 28, 2010

Already Monday morning in Iran and after a restful weekend with the general slow down of information – PBS Weekend Iran Headlines

Check out CNN iReport!

Several Ward 240 Prisoners Hospitalized Following Food Poisoning

Iran:Student Activist Ali Kantoori Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

The Tweets are up and running sending out information. Here are the updates!

Four Citizens Arrested in Ahvaz

Iranian Parliamentarians Want Journalists, Activists Released

Released Prisoners Pressured to Praise the Leader in Media Interviews

Iranian authorities to examine attack on students

Three People Detained in Piranshahr

Two Kurdish Resident in Paveh Are Detained

Prisoner update: Concerns over fate of Amir Abutalebi

Jundallah sources: Rigi was tortured into “confessing”

 Imprisonment and Fines Issued for Five Azarbaijani Activists in Tabriz

Health of Imprisoned Student in Danger

Warning Graphic!

(Translation for below – Kvakbyan to a Guardian Council to protest inside the House)

کواکبیان نسبت به ایجاد یک شورای نگهبان در داخل مجلس اعتراض کرد

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