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8.8 Massive Earthquake – TSUNAMI WARNING NEAR CHILE

February 27, 2010

8.0 Earthquake or higher is considered a “Great Earthquake”

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This one is 8.8 – 64 times more energy than the one that hit Haiti. Even though Chile has prepared the buildings for the infrastructure, once there is that much shaking, the best designed buildings cannot be expected to withstand that kind of force.

Over 300 people confirmed dead as reported by the President. Airport remains closed. Everyone is on the streets right now.

40 year old woman a wall fell on her.

A 60 year old woman had a heart attack.

A man fell off of his motorcycle but it may have happened before the earthquake.

A delivery driver in the capital.

Buildings reported shaking for 1.5 minutes in Chile’s capital. Power is out and CNN inside of Chile is running on back up generators that use gas.

900,000 people in the region could be affected, second largest population in the area.

Fox News Alert:



These are the earthquakes that occur along the Ring of Fire.

The town of Concepcion was actually moved after the buildings were demolished by earthquakes numerous times over a period of over 200 years.

An earthquake of this size can strike coast lines near the epicenter. Doesn’t expect it during the West of America or Canada, but every one is watching carefully.

Struck 1:34 a.m. eastern standard time. 3:34 a.m. Chile time. This is the largest population urban center. There are blackouts and no reports of anyone hurt yet.

Chile holds the record for the largest earthquake in the world of 9.5 that struck the South American country in May of 1960 and killed more than 1600 people.

So far no word of damage or injury….I will keep you posted. Check back in.

CNN reports that the AP is reporting some buildings have collapsed in the capital of Santiago. The quake happened at the coast 115 Kilometers near Concepcion (the second largest city in Chile) with a population of 200,000 people.

Complete and total destruction of the buildings and significant damaged is being predicted. Power outages. Phone calls haven’t been confirmed inside.

The quake was felt as far away and over a mountain range as Argentina and Buenos Aires.

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Tsunami Warning:

This means a tsunami is possible within the area of the entire coast of Chile and the entire coast of Peru and that a Tsunami is iniment. It will be up to the governments of those countries to decide what to do but an evacuation would be considered and underway. Right now at 4:19 a.m EST, CNN’s weather reporter is suggesting people get away from the coast and not knowing what the damage could be …. there is about an hour to evacuate.

Tsunami Watch:

Ecuador was first on the list to be watched but it has been expanded to Columbia, Antarctica, Panama and Costa Rica.

The buoys meters are clocking the waves at 1.3 (20 minutes after earthquake) and 1.5 meters (40 minutes after earthquake) currently (3:30 a.m. est).

The destruction from Tsunami potential is unknown at this time. This is occuring in the same techtonic movement is what generates the tsunami….one plate is moving on top of another one, releasing energy and a displacement of water, that has to go somewhere. If one was generated it will travel at about 800 Kilometers per hour.

Two things are going on: earthquake in the middle of the night and a possible Tsunami has hit and they would have already experienced it.

Blogger from Santiago: Leo Parieto is on the phone with CNN.

Building shaking, lights went out, half hour later water went out. The whole city went dark, but in Santiago they have light. They see some helicopters going around. Hospitals have some damage. The home he is calling from and their place is damaged. Mainly his furniture is moved around, food and plates on the floor, and every thing is a mess. Some people he has talked to that they are safe. On the TV there has been one report of a person dieing and not too much damage reported so far. He was 6 flights up and he said the walls were moving from side to side, big windows making lots of noise. The earthquake felt like it was 3 to 5 minutes. The cell phones went out but the data programs are still working. They are getting most of their information off of Twitter. The traffic lights were still working.

Tsunami Warnings are being put out for the United States.

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