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What can you do to prepare when you are not inside Iran?

February 26, 2010

This post was buried on another page of mine, so I decided to pull it out to stand alone to share with friends and family who may want to support #SOG, but do not know how to. It’s easy!

What can you do to prepare when you are not inside Iran?

1. Go to Current local time in Tehran so you know what time to be near your computer from where you live and go to Twitter. Protests usually get started around 9:00 a.m. in the morning, but there are always a lot of chaos through the night before. Arrests and round-ups of people happen so you could begin spreading the information earlier than 9:00 a.m. Tehran time.

2. While you are re-tweeting be conscious of what you are spreading. Check the link and make sure it isn’t spam. Make sure it is verifiable information that is being covered by other Tweets. Especially if you are new, you do not know who is credible and who is solely there to spread disinformation.

3. Never give advice to the people inside Iran. Do not tell them to go into the street and demonstrate. Do not tell them what roads are safe because you could be sending them into a trap. Remember they are there …. you are not!

4. There are a lot of news organizations now writing articles on-line. Start gathering up the information that is from credible news sources – if you do not know what blogs to trust – then go to your standard news sources: CNN, BBC, FOX, etc. and if there is any breaking or important information start sharing the short link to those articles.

5. There are many live blogs that run posting information from inside Iran. I will compile a list of some that I follow.

6. Turn CNN on, they now have a live Iran Desk that reports during the protests. The coverage is amazing even though their journalists were denied licenses to report from inside Iran.

7. If you speak Persian you can listen to live radio accounts on Epersian Radio. Do not call the radio station if you are not inside Iran. You will be tieing up the lines for the people who really need to call in and give information.

8. Watch for videos that are making it out of Iran, but be careful here too! Sometimes it is old footage and disinformation to make things appear different than they actually are!

9. Sign up for newsletters that will send you updated information. My blog is a compilation of information that I found written by other people. If there is information that I am missing, please send it to me via @livingdocuments on Twitter or e mail me at

10. Share your experience with others. Send an e mail, post on Facebook, call a friend or family and tell every one what you learned, what happened, what is going on and educate those around you to the situation. Consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality. Do you part to demand Human Rights and peace on Earth. All hands on deck!

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