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February 26, 2010

Just because there are no demonstrations or protests today, does not mean there is not news! There is a ton of news.

Meet one of Iran’s oldest prisoners – 80 years old!

Iranian Activist Released From Jail For Heart Surgery

Ibrahim Faraj Zadeh, Hossein Nasiri, Nvralh Hosseinian, J. barbershop and Abolfazl Nasiri civil activists from Azerbaijan in Tabriz Revolutionary Court in Tabriz penalty were sentenced to fine and imprisonment.

News Hrana – five of the Azerbaijani civil society activists to withstand the court were sentenced to imprisonment and fines.

Savalan Ssy report based on the sentence the trial, Ibrahim Faraj Zadeh, Hossein Nasiri and Nvralh Hosseinian endure six months imprisonment and J. A. Nasiri barbershop and pay a fine five hundred thousand USD have been sentenced.

Date of Azerbaijani activists in charge of this group intended to disrupt national security through propaganda against the system and invite people to rally on anniversary of protests against the racist caricature in the Persian date 1 Khordad 86 newspaper and travel to Azerbaijan has been subject.

Persian date 6 Ordibehesht 86 people arrested after the declaration and that invite people gathering on the anniversary of protests by Azerbaijanis against the derogatory cartoon in the newspaper was distributed level Tabriz took. Tolerance arrested after 81 days of detention on bail 30 and 10 million toman were released from prison.

Meeting to address these charges Azerbaijani activists Persian date 19 Shahrivar 86 and 88 in the third branch of Persian date 17 Azar Tabriz revolutionary court judge and a stale and non-publicly held Samad Ismail and AA Alemi Tabriz lawyers representing these people had the responsibility said. detention for all detainees access to lawyers and family have been denied visits.

Article Twenty-seven Iranian constitution the right of association and parading without carrying weapons, but to recognize the Azerbaijani activists gatherings and events companies and people are invited to this gathering and detention were harassed and imprisoned .

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