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DETAINED AND RELEASED FEB 26. 2010 – Raymond Morrison

February 26, 2010

Every morning I wake up to go to work @RayMorrison see’s me arrive on scene and always sends me the most pertinent information happening from his blog Iran Inside News. I’m sure there is more but here is my first message!

Raymond Morrison RayMorrison @livingdocuments DETAINED AND RELEASED FEB 26. 2010 :

Many thanks my friend! Everyone needs to know what is truly happening and I appreciate your work so much!


February 26, 2010 by Raymond Morrison 

Political Prisoner on Death Row to Face New charges 

Ali Saremi, a political prisoner currently on death row, was taken from Gohardasht Prison to the Revolutionary Court on February 20, to face new charges 

RAHANA – Saremi’s court appearance was reportedly related to new charges brought on him when Saremi and other political prisoners became  victim of an orchestrated attack in ward 350 of Evin Prison in 2008.
According to HRDAI, Saremi was taken to the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court in hand & ankle cuffs. Judge Moghiseh treated Saremi in an unlawful manner but the court was postponed until May, after the veteran political prisoner insisted on having a lawyer.
Ali Saremi was arrested in September of 2007 after attending memorial service for the victims of mass executions of the 1980s. He sentenced to death in Dember 2009 after 28 months of temporary detention. 

2 Baha’i Prisoners Released on Bail 

Taraneh and Naghmeh Ghanooni were released on bail yesterday. 

RAHANA – Taraneh and Naghmeh Ghanooni who were arrested at their home on February 10 by agents from the Intelligence Ministry, were released on bail.
According to a RAHANA reporter, the two Baha’i women are the daughters of the author and philosopher, Noah Ghanooni.
The two sisters were tried during a court hearing that lasted 10 minutes. The judge attempted to question the sisters over their religious beliefs but was faced with their firm response regarding their Baha’i faith.
Since 1979 hundreds of Iranian Baha’is have been executed for their religious beliefs. The rise of Ahmadinejad to power only deteriorated the situation for Iran’s largest religious minority. Scores of Iranian Baha’is are currently detained 


Five Journalists Granted Prison Visit 

Five detained journalists were allowed to visit with their families in Tehran’s Evin Prison. 

RAHANA – Morteza Kazemian, Reza Tajik, Vahid Pourostad, Ehsan Mehrabi and Kayvan Mehregan were all granted prison visits today. According to their families all  five detained journalists were in high spirits.
All the visits took place in the visitation cabins and through the glass screen. This was the first visit for Mehrabi, Mehregan and Pourostad. Tajik had visited with his sister previously and is expected to be released next week.
During today’s visit, Kayvan Mehregan told his family the news of his transfer to a ward 209 cell he shares with 2 other prisoners, Pourostad and Montajanbi. Prior to his arrest, Mehregan worked for Etemad daily. His transfer comes after 55 days of solitary confinement. 

Mohammad-Yousef Rashidi and Mohammad Yousefi Detained for Three Months 

Mohammad-Yousef Rashidi and Mohammad Yousefi, two students of Amir Kabir University of Technology (AUT) are spending their third month of detention in ward 350 of Evin prison. 

RAHANA – Mohammad-Yousef Rashidi and Mohammad Yousefi are two students of Amir Kabir University of Technology (AUT) who were arrested on 27 November and December 7, 2009, respectively. Currently, they are both detained in ward 350 of Evin prison.
Mohammad-Yousef Rashidi, an AUT student, was arrested on November 27, 2009 and has been detained for 91 days. Also, Mohammad Yousefi, is a senior student at AUT  who has been detained because of his friendship with Majid Tavakoli. 

Because of the similarity of their names , in an earlier report, RAHANA had made a mistake in publishing the personal information of the two students , and hereby apologizes from their families and friends. 

Retired IRGC Officer Gets 2-Year Prison term & 74 Lashes 

RAHANA – According to Iman Mirzadeh, his client Asghar Khandan has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and 74 lashes.
Khandan was given one year and 74 lashes for disrupting public order and one year for alleged propaganda activities against the system. He is expected to appeal the ruling.
Khandan , a retired IRGC officer and a Mousavi campaign worker, was arrested on February 11th in Tehran.
Regarding his other client, Saleh Nighrehkar, Mirzadeh said he has filed a request for attorney-client meeting but has yet to receive an answer from the Prosecution’s Office. Noghrehkar is Zahra Rahnavard’s nephew. 

Somayeh Rashidi Released 

Women’s rights activist, Somayeh Rashidi was released from Tehran’s Evin prison 

RAHANA – Somayeh Rashidi, a prominent feminist activist, has been released from Evin Prison.
Rashidi had been arrested on December 20, 2009 and was held for 65 days in Evin Prison 

source: RAHANA 

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