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Ahmadinejad Vows to Cut Off Hands Of Iran Attackers

February 23, 2010

Did You Know? “U.S. officials say Iran supported the group behind the 1996 truck bombing of Khobar Towers, a U.S. military residence in Saudi Arabia, which killed nineteen U.S. servicemen,” according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Top Stories

Reuters: “President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Tuesday Iran would ‘cut off the hands’ of anyone who attacked the country.  ‘No power can harm Iran … The Iranian nation will chop off the hands from the arm of any attacker from any part of the world,’ Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech in eastern Khorasan-e Jonubi province.”
NYT: “Iran will build 10 more nuclear-fuel enrichment plants – two within the next year – and has identified “close to” 20 sites for such facilities, a senior Iranian official said Monday.”
NYT: “Defying a harsh crackdown on political protesters in Iran, one of the country’s most outspoken opposition leaders on Monday called for a national referendum to gauge the popularity of the government.”

Iran Disclosure Project

Nuclear Program

AP: “Iran has formally set out its terms for giving up most of its cache of enriched uranium in a confidential document, and the conditions fall short of what has been demanded by the United States and other world powers.”
AFP: “US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should reveal the names of companies with ‘problematic’ business dealings with Iran and sanction them, 30 lawmakers urged her in a letter released Monday.”

Domestic Politics
AP: “Inside the shrine to the founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, the grandson of the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini performed his duty as its caretaker — politely greeting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and security force chiefs during an official memorial.”
Foreign Affairs
AP: “Iran said Tuesday that its security forces have captured the top leader of an armed Sunni group whose insurgency in the southeast has destabilized the border region with Pakistan.”


Leslie Gelb in The Daily Beast: “Sure, every decent, right-thinker longs for regime change in Iran. The country’s rulers bludgeon their own people, hurt American interests, lie-and could pose real security threats. But talk of Washington stopping Iran’s nuclear march by overthrowing its regime is more for American than Iranian ears.”
Abbas Djavadi for Radio Farda: “After Tehran’s massive state show of power on the anniversary of the Islamic revolution and the harsh crackdown on all protests since the disputed presidential election in June, it would require extraordinary courage to stage even a small demonstration in Iran.”
Bill Emmott in The Times: “If you had to list the foreign-policy issues you would rather not have to deal with, what would be at the top? Probably Israel and Palestine would be number one, given the way that conflict is maddeningly both simple and intractable. Number two on my list, though, would be the closely related matter of Iran and its nuclear ambitions, a case that maddens in a different way, by being both complex and immutable.”
Anne Applebaum in WP: “The president will not bomb Iran’s nuclear installations for precisely the same reasons that George W. Bush did not bomb Iran’s nuclear installations: Because we don’t know exactly where they all are, because we don’t know whether such a raid could stop the Iranian nuclear program for more than a few months, and because Iran’s threatened response — against Israelis and U.S. troops, via Iranian allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon — isn’t one we want to cope with at this moment.”
Richard Cohen in WP: “A question relating to Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program: Is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad crazy like Adolf Hitler, or is he crazy like, of all people, Richard Nixon?”

Eye on Iran is a periodic news summary from United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) a program of the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eye on Iran is not intended as a comprehensive media clips summary but rather a selection of media elements with discreet analysis in a PDA friendly format. For more information please email Press@UnitedAgainstNuclearIran.comUnited Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a non-partisan, broad-based coalition that is united in a commitment to prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons.  UANI is an issue-based coalition in which each coalition member will have its own interests as well as the collective goal of advancing an Iran free of nuclear weapons.


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