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A Message From Inside Iran after 22 Bahman

February 22, 2010

This was provided from Ray Morrison!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to #SOG

Raymond Morrison RayMorrison @livingdocuments

We pass horrible days afhter 22 Bahman. Propaganda bombing is every where. Every day Ahmadinejads’ supporters make a new story to accuse us. They tortures prisoners, journalists and politicians who are in jail to take them false confessions. I’m disgusted and feel sick. They showed some “confession shows” on state TV.I never read hundreds shameless lies just in several days. We are asking ourselfs what Mousavi’s next step will be.   Little by little something is happening. The conflict between parliament and government is increasing. They had problem about budget. Oil price is decreasing. Very soon they can’t pay salaries. 

 The international relations of Ahmadinejad are ruining. Just some poor countries accept him. Even those countries accept him because of money. During the last 4 years he paid 9 billion$ to Lebanon, Ghaza, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia… 

All these events harm people more than government. We must tolerate this terrible period of time to reach better days. You know talking about patience is easy but being patient and resistant is very hard 

We are banishments. We are strangers in our country. We’ve no God to trust in, no confidence, no peace, even any fun and job. We can’t live our life. We haven’t any private place to share our feelings to each other.Please let the world knows once again.

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