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Game On!

February 20, 2010

Day 2 in the Advance Class at Landmark Education.

The first thing I keep hearing from people who have returned to the Advanced course for “Review” is that they don’t even recognize this course. The curriculum has been modified so much that people who have been through it once already is commenting on how amazing the experience is this time around. I write this so any one who may be familiar with the program who reads my posts, will probably wonder what I am writing about and I just want to make sure you know, I’m talking about the same course … just they changed the game.

My morning started out with a few challenges. The alarm on my phone must have went off but I didn’t hear it. 9:00 a.m. I wake up …. and I was in sheer panic mode. OK … now I’m the leader of my group, I can’t be late! Not just for my group but for the whole group. I’m responsible for the success of 132 people to have a breakthrough just as 132 people are responsible for me to have one. We all work together on this. If you related us to a team that is going to the Super Bowl, then whose going to show up late for that? No one! Every one will be in their positions, doing what it is they do to ensure the success of the team as a whole. Each position from the coach, players, craft food services means that every one is critical in the process of a possibility. During the Super Bowl games, each player who is on the winning team earns $60,000 and each player on the losing team earns $30,000, but not one person is thinking about the money. That isn’t what the game is about.

Now don’t get all nervous that I’m in some cult now. I’m not even going to argue that perception….it’s not worth my time. I know I’m having a great time and I know what I’m getting out of it.

So back to my morning….I call a cab and jump in the shower. I just can’t go out of the house without a shower, even if it is quick. I am out of the house in 10 minutes and tell the cab driver …. I can’t be late, please get me to the ferry as quick as you are able to, and he does. I buy my tickets and make the ferry, but they take a minute to leave. I’m sweating it, but it’s 9:22 and I’m still in the possibility of making it there on time. I grab the bus and I watch the driver manuevering aggressively around a car in the middle of the road and I have to acknowledge him, “Man, I love your driving!” I then tell him how I am running late and can’t be late and someone sitting behind me says, “I thought that was you.” I look behind me and say, “You are in Landmark too?” He said, “Yeah….I’m running late too….we should get off the bus at this next street and just run.” I said, “OK, that sounds like a plan!” So we hit the street and we are running, and I’m thinking to myself….shit…..I really should have been doing more running and less walking for exercise before this, and then request… “let’s walk for a second, but I don’t want to make you late, so you can keep going.” He says, “No, I’m responsible for you to get there on time.” Now I’m responsible for him to get there on time, and I just get in the groove and we start running, and we make it into our seats….we still have 10 minutes left before 10:00 a.m. We did it!

I can’t really describe it because you are not there sitting next to me during the “rigorous conversations” that happen. I really need rest so I can’t even spend the time trying to explain to you what is going on during the course. There is a lot of sharing of personal experiences and breakthroughs people are having. They gave us some assignments to do with each other, as a team, as a group and homework. Each time I sit down next to a new person I use to think, mmmm I wonder if I want to sit next to this person….this person will probably end up being my partner and I don’t know….I don’t think I can relate to this person. Yeah, that was a racket. I have met some really cool people, and I have to admit it is kind of weird to cry in front of a total stranger and not even see it coming. There’s something weird too that happens, at first you are not really there for the other people, but you are thinking more of yourself, and then after awhile, the people who were maybe annoying you a bit by getting up and talking so much….all of a sudden become a human being I want to listen to them afterall, and I start looking around the room at all the faces, and then I realize, I want to know everybody …. they all have some gold to their souls and I realize that I am so glad I am surrounded by people who are just like me (as we are every where in life).

There’s a lot of people who have been helping me through the process, the breakthroughs, the understanding, and then things I didn’t see before all of a sudden becoming clearer. I was able to figure out ways of contributing to their lives and help them, and not just on a superficial level where I am pretending to care about their well being, but where I have been able to make concrete offers that truly change the person’s ability to have the possibility in their life needed too.

For instance, today …. I agreed to cover an aspiring actress’s shift waiting tables so she could film her first movie where she could get her SAG card. There is another girl who wants to stay in NY but will be on the street at the end of the week and has no where to go until March 12, so I told her she could live with me. I received a call from one of my team members tonight who told me he asked a girl to not just go out on a date with him but to be in a relationship with him and yelled in the middle of the street outside Penn Station that he loved her… she could hear his voice in her head and not her own. He also is bringing his laptop to class tomorrow so I can help him build a blog on our dinner break. I have to stop writing this post because I promised one of my team members I would run him an ad on Craigslist so he could form a band he has always wanted to put together. He doesn’t talk much but when I asked him to write the ad, he handed me 2 full pages. I said, “You write more than you speak!” I gave him a big hug and said, “I’ll do it.” Here is his ad: Forming a band – Possibility Welcome! (Jersey Shore)

Not only that but I have had my own breakthroughs, that I don’t need to talk about right now ….. but the less it becomes about me ….. the better the world is.

I’m ready to be that clearing, that space of just possibility and I’ll have to work at it, probably every single day …. but instead of me saying (like I have so many times in my fight mode) …. bring it on …. I can now say …

Game on!

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