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Hunt Your Living Dead Cast

February 17, 2010

I am working as my brother’s publicist, but since he is family I can’t turn down the handsome salary of zero. Soon, there will be a series of webisodes releasing through the world wide web and there is a lot of cast that I am waiting to compile their pictures and information for our fans. I am preparing a treasure hunt, getting autographs, and Geocashing them over the United States. As soon as the release of the first webisode, I will be hiding other webisodes throughout the internet, so it’s Geocashing on-line too. 

Let the hunt begin!

The Cast and Friends Of


My brother never sent out a casting call for his webisodes. It’s almost as when he meets the right people, he writes a part for them. I’m not sure of his method, but it is interesting how professional the set it.  

Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez Review – Romeo & Juliet Performance 12-2009   

“Monie” as we all refer to her, is an amazing actress still in high school who flew in from Texas to Los Angeles to work as a main character on a Your Living Dead webisode. She was ready and able to do 15 pages in one day! Unheard of really! She had an extra day to enjoy Los Angeles, and we all had Sunday off! She nailed the lines every single time and made you worry for her life …. amazing performance!   

Dallas is a true professional! Check out how fun she is behind the scenes too! Dallas Does Farmville is hilarious, and one of those actresses you just are so happy is on the project. Each scene is taken seriously, and very cool to be around during the down time.   


IMDb – Dallas Dinnocente   

Gino truly suffers for his art! He has had to do his own stunts, landing on curbs and bruising or breaking his ribs. Laying in a bed of red carpenter ants, and in this scene, he had to eat so much steak, I don’t think he will ever enjoy the meat the same way again.     


You can write me to find out Anthony’s personal e-mail address and request a signed autograph. He is Gino’s best friend and has an amazing presence. Nice guy too! Check out some of his work:   

Watch the beginning of the trailer….the first teaser trailer….that’s Anthony! They had him on Star Trek for a year, playing this trailer. His was the only face to Star Trek….and then they didn’t expound upon his character in the film. The Star Trek fans were pissed! He was the first actor ever filmed constructing the USS Enterprise NCC-17-01A. They categorize the ships .. A, B, C, D…etc. Anthony does attend autograph signings at Star Trek conventions, which was rewarding in and of itself. If you can figure out how to get ahold of Anthony, then he will give you a signed autograph…..hint Anthony Vitale on IMDb has contact info.   

After shooting Gino, Dallas and a minor actress Maddy all day, Anthony stopped by and I interview the boys in the back fireplace outside.   



Michael Pisani

Reem Mahmood

Anthony Barcelo
Michael Merchant

The Question Is – How Can You Help Them?

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