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New Site For Human Rights Watch

February 13, 2010

I didn’t make this website but I fully support it and so do many others who care about #HumanRights

  • Iran ThinkIran IRI Blocks Sites Related To #HumanRights In Iran – Therefore Need Kind Global Citizens Like Yourself To Make Awareness 🙂 
  • Iran ThinkIran Its Great You Are Making Blog Site Dedicated To #HumanRights 🙂 The More Blogs The Better To Make Awareness
  • Stop the illegal political executions by the coup regime in Iran

    This new site has information on specific people being held and sentenced to a certain death in Iran. This site showcases the story of the individuals and how the situation came to be.

    Iran Elple

    This is a great Human Rights Watch and I endorse it whole heartedly! Click on any links to take you to each story.

    Condemned Dates …..

    Ahmad Karimi


    Write Your Senators

    Zainab Jalalian

    Mohammad Reza Haddadi

    Sherkoh Moarefi

    Nasser Abdolhosseini and Reza Kazemi

    Farzad Kamangar

    What Can Be Done?

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