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Iranian Families Protesting To Get Their Loved Ones Out Of Detention

February 12, 2010

We have to keep our eyes on the regime and what they are doing with the demonstrators they rounded up on Bahman 22.

1. Will they all remain in prison?

2. How does the regime decide who is set an example of and hung in the streets?

3. Are they being tortured and forced to admit to things they did not do?

4. What happens to the families while they fight to get their loved ones out….are they threatened to stop too?

This is where the situation is in the hands of the regime and those that suffer for the movement know there are people working hard for their release … but the regime is masters at psychological and physical torture…so there is little comfort to go around.

Iran: Families of Feb. 11 uprising detainees protest outside detention centers


NEDA FOR EVERnedas_voice  Iranian media announced for 960 ppl amnesty or mitigation of punishment #iran #iranelection || a finger in the dike

Iranian Update (Not English)

The World Demonstrates!

Videos: The 22 Bahman Protests From Around the World

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