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When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Speaks – Violence Will Erupt

February 11, 2010

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is about to take the stage and speak his hateful rhetoric. The Sea of Green will erupt in violent protests. This is the moment that will ignite the chemical reaction….the tipping point of complete chaos and all out war between the two sides. Every one has almost stopped on Twitter….every one is glued to the TV, Live blogs, and radio!

  • Basijis are hiding in all official buildings of the government
  • Karoubi is fine and he has gone home after attack on his car
  • ePersian radio is reporting a young man may be hit by direct bullet on Ashrafi Esfehani
  • IRIB only played 3 seconds of Ahmadi`s speech and no pictures
  • severe clashes in Vanak sq. &all arrested r transferred to building owned by Tavanir i Brazil street
  • Dont go alone out and protest, go out in groups of at least 5, walk together, storm together, watch over each-other
  • Use weapons only in self-defence, dont give them legitimacy to shoot into crowds
  • Update41: Karroubi’s son has confirmed the attack on his father in Sadeghie
  • Most satellite TV, even “moderate” Persian channels, are being jammed
  • First aid bag: Band aid with tape, water with spray bottles, plastic film, Ice bags, poles to bind next to fractures etc
  • ok, if you have to fight, they attack you, fall back and let them chase you 50 ft. , turn and charge, hopefull,u hav more ppl
  • In the 31st celebration of Islamic republic President Khatami who was the president of iran 4 8 years have been attacked
  • Update42: Ahmadinejad speaking at Azadi Square; blames the west .. AGAIN!
  • Unconfirmed: Fereshteh Ghazi: Zahra Eshraghi & Mohammad Reza Khatami were arrested.
  • Radio: Australia gathering right now in front of Iran Embassy #iranelection GO CANBERRA!!!!
  • Mohammad Reza Khatami & Zahra Eshraghi were released but forced to go home. (Just confirmed with Fereshteh Ghazi)
  • quote to me from Tehran “OMFGGGG the crowd that were chanting for ahmadinejad was dispersed” trying to confirm
  • Radio caller: they’re repeating one shot again and again! #iranelection CONFIRMED!
  • They R using paintballs 2 shoot protesters 4 easier ID & arrest
  • According to ParlemanNews, Basij and plain clothes militia attacked Mehdi Karoubi
  •  It may 1+ 2 ppl killed in direct gun shot in Arya shahr
  • Poster of Khamenei was set on fire on Behboudi Square.
  • Sec forces shooting people in Isfahan, Heavy clashes in 33bridges
  • ppl chanting ‘down with dictator’ & ‘liar liar’ during AN’s speech.


Live Blog

Iran protests: live blog


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