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Tweets Take Turns Covering Iran

February 11, 2010

I just returned from my nap, I was glued to my computer for seven hours or so. I just checked my messages and noticed I received this:

Iran ThinkIran @livingdocuments 🙂 Good Time To Take A Break – Things w/Remain This Level Next Hour – Call Out At 5-5:30PM

That’s really amazing because ThinkIran and I began the day together …. and was sure to notify me along the way. It’s amazing how I can feel a friendship, and yet this is our first time working together where we think of each other’s efforts.

Interesting – I see many others who have returned too. The shifts have cycled. Now others are waking up and getting to work, soon they will be checking their followers and following and make decisions on what should be Tweeted next. It’s an amazing world we live in.

  • Radio Caller: Basijis were throwing stones at ppl
  • Basijis and police who have been stationed in the city since last night are reportedly exhausted
  • IRAN: Uprisings in the cities of Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahvaz and Gachsaran –
  • Clashes continue in Aryashahr & Ferdowsi Blvrd,shots fired
  • Zahra Rahnavard attacked&beaten by plain cloths, then saved by ppl
  • Revolutionary Guard Rahim Razayi, the goon that murdered Leila Zareyi
  • Mousavi’s wife was hit by baton & kicked, PPL surrounded her to protect her. She left the scene shortly after
  • 60 journalist in prison – Iran is the largest country for reporters in prison
  • Green to take streets again,regrouping in Aryashahr/Valie Asr
  • Frustrating how little I cn “confirm” out of #Iran 2day bc of info blockade-but Im trying.
  • Zahra Rahnavard’s page confirming earlier reports of her assaullt by government paid plain clothes…
  • CONFIRMED. Mousavi DID take part in 22 Bahman Rally today
  • Mousavi was headed 2wards Azadi Square on Azadi Avenue,when stopped&surrounded by sec forces


Latest Iran Video

Enduring America compiles video

Live Blog

Live-Blog Josh Shahryar

The Daily Night Owl


I’m a tad annoyed commercials are playing before the videos now. When did this start happening!

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