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The Videos Are Making It Out

February 11, 2010

Tweet Information

  • Foreign journalists were directly taken to Azadi Sq. by buses this Am. Not given opportunity to cover people’s protests
  • Eyewitnesses saying: Tehran was like martial law
  • In Isfahan SMS service is completely cut and mobile telephone service keeps getting cut.
  • Vehicles have hot-water cannons which are being used on the people.
  • Empty streets while loudspeakers spout slogans: huge humiliation 4 SL.
  •  Severe clashes in Isfahan, many injured.
  • Sec forces trying to scatter ppl. Heavy clashes in Fatemi, Satarkhan, Vesal, Kargar st., Vanak and Kaj Sq.
  • CNN – We have video being cut now of protests in Tehran and waiting to see video of reported protests in Shiraz, Isfahan + Mashad
  • Special security force are controlling and have closed car routes to IRIB and Evin Prison
  • Clashes in Isfahan b/w sec forces and plain clothes AND Greens
  • At least one person reported killed in Tehran’s Molla Sadra area
  • Several users on Balatarin are reporting that one person was killed in the city of Shiraz
  • If our main site is running slow, our backup site for LiveBlog
  • The streets near Iran’s TV stations and Evin are controlled just now by sec forces and spec
  • Clashes on Vesal St. have continued, preventing the people from moving to Azadi Sq.
  • octavianasrCNN 1st opposition #22Bahman videos have come in.. Will show them at the top of the hour along with state-run media video
  • Regime intimidated by brave female protesters
  • Destroy Israel if it strikes:Ahma/ tells Assad Jewish state must be”resisted with full force”
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