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Gathering Up The News On Iran

February 11, 2010

European Parliament Resolution on Iran

Robin Wright On Policy Toward Iran

Since so many Tweets haven’t given up and are sending out the news reported, I figured it was the least I could do to provide you a one stop shop of coverage for the latest breaking news on Iran. Any time I correspond with someone providing this work and thank them, the response is always, “It’s the least I can do.”


What Obama Should Say to Iran

Photos: Iran Protests Stretch Far From Tehran

Lieberman Discusses New Iran Sanctions Bill, Says Regime ‘Has Sealed Its Fate’

Huge rally and protests mark Iran revolution

Finland’s Stubb Says World ‘Fed Up’ With Iran Threat (Update1)

Harper calls for sanctions against Iran

February 11, 2010 #IranVzla Twitter Protest was HOT in Trending Topics!

Tweets Still Tweeting:

  • Thank You – Had To Take Break As I Lost Touch w/Contacts – Cyber Crackdown w/Be Harsher Than ever Starting Next Couple Days
  • sohrabestan (blog) – Islamic Republic laid to rest in the forts of Azadi Square
  • Think of All Sanctions UN USA Placed on Likes of Cuba & North Korea – The Criminal Leaders Are Still In Power Regardless
  • don’t be down♥ed,when u start an avalanche u never know exactly how it will go but it is unstoppable all the same!
  • ABSOLUTELY agree with you. I’m not on the street risking my life. Who am I to say what should be done? I am here to support
  • Khooda Rahmatesh kooneh, shbe joomeh ……
  • You might say a kind of magic happens. What’s really happening is they’re unleashing the power of their minds.
  • This afternoon families of a group of those detained on #22bahman gather at police clinic in Enghelab sq.
  • Protest of families at Vozara detention center led to release of 40 women & girls
  • CNN: The U.S. State Department strongly condemns #Iran‘s efforts to stifle dissent and to wall-off the country from the rest of the world.
  • With wishes and prayers of wonderful friends like you, and correctly planned tactics, we’ll hopefully get that freedom someday 🙂
  • Heydari to Amanpour: some of my colleagues claimed that if IRI mistreats ppl on #22BAHMAN they wld resign #iranelection
  • If I see one more NON-Iranian (and that includes me) say GO OUT IN THE STREETS,it will not be pretty. WE ARE NOT THERE, THEY ARE
  • Today Greens made sure they took ALL major regime news sites down nearly ALL day!! ANOTHER victory!!


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