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February 11, 2010

Interesting, as soon as the speech is over Twitter resumed working on behalf of the Sea of Green Movement.

  • Thanks 4 d news, just heard in Aryashahr ave. there was a clash between ppl & IRGC, as u said ppl are gathering, heard about a few arrests.
  • Severe clashes in Isfahan, many injured.
  • Ppl are going toward Evin prison. Heavy traffic in Chamran and YadegarImam highways
  • Arrests early 2 keep top ppl from protests – include Khomeini granddaughter & her husband, Khatami’s brother, & Karroubi’s son12:25 Sec officers on motorbikes have been marking protestors by spray paint so the police force can arrest the identified individuals.
  • Cell phones are not working around Sadeghieh sq.
  • Guardian: The demonstration appears to be taking place in front of Sadeghieh metro station in west Tehran
  • Basijis shooting in the air in panic at Enghelab Sq.
  • foreign reporters are moved with bus out of Azadi sq
  • Green protesters are unarmed. Only Iranian govt can legally bear arms So RTing where there’s shooting important!
  • Basiji are attacking cars if drivers sound horn in support of crowds chanting Death to Dictator
  • 12:20 The security forces are preventing the people from reaching Enghelab and 7 Tir Squares
  • radio: Report that forces have closed off Valiasr Square
  • Bystanders near Azadi have heard anti government slogans including `Down with dictator`, amidst all the security the regime has arranged in the area since 3 weeksAccording to an eyewitness in a clash at least 1 person has been arrested in Azadi:Security forces are beating people and groups who try to chant anti government slogans and try to disperse them.In Aryashahr, people have managed to gather and chants atni government slogans. Security forces have opened fire into the crowd; the crowd are chanting `Khamenei is a murderer his rule is illegitimate`
  • Weather changes CONSTANTLY on IR TV:Old footage is sunny.New footage w/AN closeups is cloudy.Cute!Very cute!
  • str. jour: 12:15 Police forces have shot at the people in Arya Shahr.
  • Update63: Confirmed, Karroubi’s son Ali Karroubi has also been released after brief detention

Security Forces Opened Fire on the Crowd /Several Injured in Aryashahr

11 , February , 2010

Security forces opened fire on the crowd of protesters in the Arya-Shahr area in western Tehran.

RAHANA – Security forces attacked the crowd of protesters in Arya-Shahr, opening fire on them. Several people have reportedly been injured during the shooting. However, the crowd has not dispersed and keeps chanting slogans. Security forces are firing directly on the masses of protesters.
There is a heavy presence of military and intelligence forces in Tehran streets.

 Update62: Map of where clashes are happening in Tehran right now


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