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Dangerous Ideas & Perilous People

February 11, 2010

Iran on 22 Bahman: Ahmadinejad “Wins Ugly” (This Time)

What I have learned….a recap of the days events in Iran.

The most difficult thing to learn while working on behalf of the Sea of Green is to recognize those who are truly trying to help and who is trying to undermine the cause.

One of the ways we work is to Re-Tweet information that is helpful….but what if the information says a road or street is safe and we send the Sea of Green to that area while the Basiji lay in wait and attack them?

Since I have been up for many of these significant events helping since the execution of Behnoud by Omid’s mother, I have come to recognize people’s work and have a a specific group of Tweets that I know I can trust the information from them as a reliable source. I had someone mention that I blog really fast, but the truth is I know when certain Tweets report that I can roll with the story….while CNN was fact checking, I was able to break the information one hour earlier. I have to stop though and give props to CNN for the coverage. This was the first time I’ve ever seen them truly focus all their resources and they were amazing! I was highly impressed with the coverage!

Now that the opposition movement has broken another milestone, bringing the attention of their cause to the world for a free Iran and escape from tyranny….there are those who will work physically and psychologically to bring this effort to a stop. This is where you as a new person must be careful if you become involved. You may hear ideas that “make sense” but truly are efforts to mark who you are, your involvement, and how effective you are in your efforts to help. Don’t jump on the bandwagon of “lists” and “ideas” that will establish your work for “your authenticity” and credit because it’s not about you….it’s about identifying the Green movement inside and stopping them!

It’s all about identifying and marking the people involved. Exactly the way the Basiji was hitting people with paint ball guns to not only code them for later identification but to bruise them to ensure proper identification. They will be doing that on a low level and on a sophisticated level. That’s why Google Gmail was taken down to replace the email services in Iran with a government ran service. Watch for targeting Twitter and putting pressure on social networks to cooperate with “rules of engagement” that on the surface are proposed under the guise of “stopping the regime”.

Every one is tired and going to get some rest now. There are still Tweets working diligently gathering news and sending out information to keep us posted when we wake back up. No one is as tired though as the Iranian people.

Also realize the regimes anti-west rhetoric and lies does not represent the thinking of the students in Iran who are denouncing these state sponsored events that rally against the United States and Israel. Remember to stay in power: lies, brut force, manipulation of how others see the events unfold, deception and evil are the tools of tyrants. The power of the world must get behind the Green movement to topple this regime before it is too late and nuclear amitions are realized. We are running out of time.

Green 4IranGreen_4_Iran

RT @Pray4Iran Anonymity, while still a source of uncertainty, is also met with respect. #iranelection

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