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Tweets United For Iranian People!

February 10, 2010

Reporting, Speculations, Hopes and Prayers

  • Vesal avenue is full of Anti riot police
  • I dont see how Ahmadinjead can give a speech today in Azadi square
  • We will build a united Iran tht Kurds Azaris.Balooch,Arabs,Jews,Armenian, Zoroastrians etc r proud 2 be Iranians
  •  Update11: There r reports that people may have taken down loudspeakers installed for gov speeches, unconfirmed
  • My countrymen and women It’s an all out war. Want it or not. Believe it or not. Get used 2 it!
  • Rah-e-Sabz – Extensive security deployment, including Amirabad St & around IRIB
  • Masked police with batons & tear gas present step by step on Vesal st.
  • Iran’s Karrubi Urges Turnout at National Day Protests
  • Epersianradio is congested online. Go to or #iranelection #22Bahman /@negaratduke
  • URGENT: #iranelection #22Bahman Send email to Canada’s ministers office to open embassy doors..
  • In defense of Freedom of Speech in Iran #iranelection a large crowd of people is moving from SAdequeh Sq towards Azadi Sq. despite the tight security in the area the slogane of down wiht dictator is being heard. there is yet no news of any conflist or arrest at any location of the protest
  • Update1: Unconfirmed claims by Epersian Radio hundreds have started gather in Central Tabriz city
  • Greens showing up in Azarbayejan St, Jeihoun St, 1st & 2nd sq of Sadeghieh, Satarkhan st
  • NedaLives4ever IRAN TV Propaganda for 22 Bahman Feb 11 2010 P[7] #iranelection #iran #22bahman
  • There is a large crowd moving along Seyed Khandan bridge right across Khaje Nasir St.
  • Epersian radio caller: A group of greens trying to gather in Azadi were beating & started moving towards Sadeghie


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